Why Change ?

Pepole want to drink Bottled Water because they think It is

  •     Safer than Tap Water
  •     Convenience
  •     Portability
  •     Grab and go mentality

Environmental Issues With Plastic

  •     Waste
  •     Use Of Oil
  •     High Carbon FootPrint
  •     Disposal – Never Breaks Down
  •     Emissions In The Air From Recycling Plastic
  •     Less Than 23% Of All Plastic Is Recycled In The US And Less Than 5% World Wide
  •     Only A Few Things Can Be Made With Recycled Plastic

 Issues With Tap

  •     Pharmaceutical Agents In The Water
  •     Recycled And Treated With Chlorine And Other Chemicals
  •     People Do Not Feel Comfortable Drinking From The Tap
  •     The Grab And Go Mind Set




Change to Nor Aqua

Nor Aqua is still:

  •     Familiar enough packaging
  •     Convenient
  •     Portable

Nor Aqua addresses the environmental issues of:

  •     Water Quality
  •     No further water contamination from plastic manufacturing (7 liters of water contaminated for every 1 liter Plastic Bottle made)
  •     Reduction in emissions
  •     Reduction in Refuse
  •     Reduction in Oil usage.
  •     Sustainable, Renewable and 100% Recyclable